Japan to share elderly care vision at Innovation Labs World

Dr Sato Kenichi to speak on 26 September in Singapore.

Japan will share its vision for supporting an ageing demographic at Innovation Labs World on 26 September 2017 in Singapore. Dr Sato Kenichi, Co-Chair of the Japan-Singapore Inter-Professional Collaboration, will discuss Japan’s Vision 2035 for healthcare, the role of technology and developing integrated community care. He will be speaking at the Ageing Demographics stream at the event, which will take place at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Registration is free for public sector officials. Japan has become a pioneer in the field of elderly support, with a quarter of its population aged over 65. It has developed robotics to ease the burden on caregivers, while it hopes driverless cars will help the elderly move around safely in the future. Its Vision 2035 for healthcare aims to improve the quality of care and ensure access to general practitioners across the country. The country will develop infrastructure for innovation to address complex diseases like cancer and dementia. It plans to expand the use of data to improve care and disease management, and also develop a more sustainable financing system. The Japan-Singapore Inter-Professional Collaboration is a platform for medical professionals in Singapore and Japan to work together on issues of ageing. It is supported by the Embassy of Japan in Singapore. Dr Sato is also a representative, consultant and instructor at the Japan Primary Care Association. If you would like to attend Innovation Labs World, please book your tickets for the event today. There are a limited number of seats available.