Le Nguyen, Business Woman, Vietnam

By Joshua Chambers

Next Generation Special Report 2019.

What do you think is the most pressing political challenge facing your generation?

  • Fighting inequalities while providing economic growth domestically

  • Balancing the ecology vs. gaining economic growth through a mix of

  • Efficiency/optimization/improvements

  • Sobriety

  • Balance between green vs. traditional energy

Do you feel optimistic about the future of your country?

I know it will be extremely difficult to make all the changes. But I know it will change fast but not sure how stable and fair. Does that mean I am not optimistic?

What is your perception of government as an institution?

As we move towards automation and AI, the distribution of wealth will be skewed toward those who own more machines and technologies, leaving those with unmatched skillsets jobless and poor. As human beings, we will need to re-evaluate our “net worth”, for example, what is made of us as human. As for the economy, there will be a much bigger gap between the rich and the poor.

The government plays a big role in creating a fair chance for everyone. My perception of government includes:

  • Regulating and creating structure to drive the population’s individualist instinct towards a common goal while maintaining freedom and safety.

  • The government should leave a certain amount of freedom and build a supportive system for its population to compete and stimulate both individual developments.

  • Redefine what economic growth, personal growth or society growth really mean, what is competition and what really brings the “values” and the basic “need”.

  • Put forth the equality for both blue collar and white collar. The distribution of wealth shouldn’t skew toward only those who force others to work at low cost to earn more.

What is one thing that you would like to preserve for the next generation?

  • Appreciation for Cultural diversity

Le Nguyen is the Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Willowmore.