Learn about the Future of City Planning in Singapore

By GovInsider

Head of Virtual Singapore project to speak on 28 October.

George Loh, Director of Programmes at the National Research Foundation of Singapore, will share the lessons and vision for high-tech city planning on 28 October.

Loh runs the Virtual Singapore project, and will give a keynote speech at the GovInsider Strategic Futures Breakfast on Friday.

The SG$73 million platform is a detailed 3D model of the city for government agencies, businesses, researchers and citizens. It will allow people to virtually test technologies and concepts to improve planning and delivery of services.

Officials will use it to make complex long-term decisions like urban planning, infrastructure development, public safety, environment and disaster management.

It will also be used to build citizen engagement tools, allowing the public to visualise their ideas and give feedback to agencies on proposed projects.

The GovInsider Strategy Breakfast will discuss the trends that will shape the future of Singapore. The event is run in partnership with Dassault Systèmes – a world leader in 3D design software – which powers Virtual Singapore.

It will be attended by officials from central government, defence, housing and planning, and members of the ports and transport authorities.

Registration for the event has now closed. Image by Dassault Systèmes