Learn from mobile services all over the world

By Microsoft

Governments have a powerful tool to directly communicate with and engage citizens - and it is in the palms of their hands.

Image: GBIF - CC BY 2.0

Mobile devices present many opportunities for government agencies to design services that citizens can access anytime and anywhere, through their smartphone or tablet. Fieldworkers who don’t need to travel to an office to complete a task, instead carrying it out over their mobile device, will provide a more seamless service experience.

Citizens are also empowered to choose how they would prefer to interact with government, whether it is online or in person. Furthermore, the data captured directly from such interactions can become available for analysis and insight into improving citizen services.

This e-book by Microsoft gathers case studies of how governments all over the world are using mobile technology to serve citizens better. Discover how:
  • The City of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada designed a portal powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud to handle single sign-on for accessing city services and viewing public utility bills
  • Kent County Council in the UK provided citizens with their own personal health records which they can share with their carer network
  • The City of Cape Town, South Africa helped its citizens beat congestion through a platform that collects public transport data
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