Macau releases five-year plan for digital services

By GovInsider

Looking to expand self service and improve citizen participation.

The Macau Government has released a plan to improve its digital services by 2019.

The government wants to create a single platform across the government to integrate data on human resources, finance, and property management. This would allow citizens to more easily access government services online, like submitting applications, getting updates on their status, and paying for services.

The government is also looking to reduce the use of paper documents and use more self-service kiosks to deliver services to citizens. Another aim for Macau is to improve public participation.

The government wants to revamp its portal and allow citizens to access public data to create online and mobile services. It also wants to analyse public opinions submitted through online channels to make more data-driven decisions and manage risks.

Image by Diego Delso; licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.