Malaysia plans its next smart city in Melaka

Melaka ICT Holdings partners with national ICT R&D agency.

Malaysia plans to turn Melaka into a smart city, it has announced today. Government-run company Melaka ICT Holdings has entered into an agreement with MIMOS, the country’s ICT research agency. The agency will provide the city with technology for the project, said MIMOS President and CEO Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah. The agency will also look at how businesses can add their services to the project. “We are also going to develop an open innovation framework that will act as a platform for industries to participate in the project," he said. North of Melaka, Malaysia is reclaiming land along Penang island to build another smart city. It will be built on two manmade islands with room for housing, businesses and parks. Image by Phalinn Ooi, licensed under CC BY 2.0