Register for the world's greatest government summit

By Joshua Chambers

The best show for civil servants coming to you on 25th September in Singapore.

We have spent the past year obsessing about curating the best possible show for civil servants, anywhere on earth.

Our speakers are people who have awed us in our interviews. They are leading innovators who are truly doing something new. All killer, no filler - we guarantee that you will learn new things at this summit.

Why do we do this? GovInsider is a Singaporean startup that believes that we can change the world if we inspire governments to share success stories and learn new ideas.

Sleepless nights and working Sundays have been spent scouting speakers from every continent to come to Singapore for just one day - 25th September.

We would be honoured to host you and your colleagues. We are here to help the public service, and the inspirational people who every day put citizens first.

Our speakers are ready. The buffet is being prepared. The coffee pots are on. Register today to reserve your seat and be a part of something special.