Minister reveals priorities for Indonesia’s One Data policy

By Nurfilzah Rohaidi

Dr. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of National Development Planning, was Guest-of-Honour at GovPay in Jakarta on 23 January 2018.

Indonesia’s new government data policy will allow the President to “directly pay attention to what happens in the government process", Dr. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of National Development Planning of Indonesia, said at GovPay this week.

The Satu Data (One Data) policy will help agencies to provide accurate, high-quality data for decision-making. It mandates that datasets produced by the government will comply with a common set of standards so that they are interoperable. According to Pulse Lab Jakarta, this will help to overcome issues such as “overlapping datasets, lack of data quality, and difficulty in data sharing”.

At the GovPay summit in Jakarta on Tuesday, 23 January 2018, Minister Bambang outlined the challenges still faced by the government in integrating its data. “Every minister has his own data, they are quite resourceful; but the problem is, sometimes the data are not accessible to other ministries or agencies,” he remarked.

Even if data are accessible, he continued, the format of the datasets may differ, making it harder to reconcile or integrate such data.

For the government to implement e-budgeting, e-procurement, e-payment and e-services, Minister Bambang said, “it has to be supported by the One Data policy”. The benefits are twofold: it will enable the President to keep an eye on procurement and budget matters, while also boosting delivery of services, such as e-health or e-education, to citizens.

The Minister concluded by noting how public service delivery can only be improved with a “collaborative effort from every government agency, both central and local”, and support from citizens.

“Better public service delivery and participatory government is not going to work if only being promoted by one government agency or just by the central government alone,” he explained, emphasising the need for collaboration and partnerships to achieve these goals.

The Ministry of National Development Planning has initiated a “collaborative information system on planning and budgeting” together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Trade Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform. “This information system aims to synergise and minimise deviation in the planning and budgeting process.”

Minister Bambang was Guest-of-Honour at GovPay, GovInsider’s payments and procurement summit, which welcomed over 350 government delegates. Leading officials from across the region gathered to discuss payments, procurement, tax, digital identity, citizen engagement, cybersecurity, and data sharing.

Sandiaga Uno, Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, was keynote speaker, sharing his priorities and plans for cashless payments in the city. Yanuar Nugroho, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, spoke in the afternoon about participatory government, and how he is working towards evidence-based policy in development planning.

A Dedicated Governors’ Panel closed the day’s activities, with Irianto Lambrie, Governor of North Kalimantan; Syahrul Yasin Limpo, Governor of South Sulawesi; and Alex Noerdin, Governor of South Sumatra, sharing their visions for their provinces to leap ahead.