More demotions in Jakarta’s civil service

500 leaders inaugurated; underperformers demoted.

Jakarta Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja inaugurated 500 officials last Friday after demoting some of his departmental leaders. Three head of departments were released from their ranks. These were the Head of the Parks and Cemetery Agency Ratna Diah Kurniati; Ii Karunia from the Department of Communication Information and Public Relations; and Iswan Ahmadi from the Department of Spatial Planning. “This is our risk as officials. Demotion is a leader’s right”, said Kurniati. Sigit Wijatmoko - who used to be the Secretary for the Department of Transportation will be promoted to be the deputy head; consequently, Sunardi Sinaga - who used to hold the role - will take up the position of Deputy City Mayor of North Jakarta. Sinaga took on the role of Wahyu Hariadi, who was promoted to be the city mayor, replacing Rustam Effendi.  The list of officials that were inaugurated included head of departments, mayors, sub-district and urban village heads, according to Berita Jakarta. The governor has been firm on his stance on firing staff who underperform and demoting staff who do not meet his standards. He told GovInsider earlier this year that “if they are too rich, too corrupt and too lazy – we just fire them”. Image from Berita Jakarta