Most popular GovInsider stories, June 2024

By Si Ying Thian

GovInsider presents June’s top reads, ranging from a major cybersecurity incident in Indonesia to major tech investments in Malaysia, and Singapore’s initiatives in deep tech commercialisation and healthcare AI experimentation.

Most popular stories, June 2024. Image: Canva.

1. Indonesia says ‘no’ to ransomware bullies

"This attack should be a warning for the government to immediately improve security and ensure that every agency that uses PDN (Indonesia's Temporary National Data Centre) has a robust and standardised business continuity plan," said Indonesia’s CISSReC (Communication & Information System Security Research Center)’s Dr. Pratama Persadha.

A joint response team, comprising national communication and cyber agencies, are focusing on bringing the affected services back online and is also investigating the cyberattack on the Temporary National Data Centre (PDN). 

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2. More Big Tech’s AI and cloud frenzy in Southeast Asia

This is Google’s largest investment in Malaysia to date, said Alphabet and Google’s Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Porat.

This will include the company’s first data centre and is part of plan to establish a Google Cloud region that will deliver high-performance computing to customers across the country.

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3. Singapore pushes ‘PhD holders’ startup club’ out of the lab

“Deep tech is not new to Singapore... [the agency’s focus is now to] accelerate the commercialisation of intellectual property and create impactful spinoffs,” Enterprise Singapore’s Emily Liew shared.

Enterprise Singapore is tapping into venture builder expertise to commercialise deep tech R&D and intellectual property focused on the sustainability and healthcare sectors.

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4. What’s next on Singapore’s tech list

The key question facing Singapore is how the country can capture the upsides of technology, while using it responsibly to benefit society, said Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat.

Five key announcements from Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)'s Asia Tech x Summit 2024 in Singapore, from quantum tech to sustainable data centre expansion.

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5. Doctors and nurses to experiment with GenAI

“We saw the need to enhance the awareness of GenAI among our public healthcare institutions and equip them with the ability to leverage the power of GenAI more confidently,” said Synapxe’s Christine Ang.

Singapore’s health tech agency, Synapxe, has specifically designed the GenAIus Programme to drive the co-creation of GenAI-powered solutions with public healthcare professionals.

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