Myanmar launches digital identities for citizens

By Charlene Chin

Rolled out for citizens in two major cities.

The Myanmar government has turned to digital means, replacing its registration cards with electronic ID cards for two of its cities.

Citizens above 18 in Naypyidaw - the capital of Myanmar - and Mandalay will use the smart cards with electronic data as an identification tool, phasing out ID cards that are printed on paper.

“The plan to replace National Registration Cards with Smart Cards is a priority in the e-government system”, said U Thein Swe, Union Minister of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, according to The Irrawaddy.

Data such as citizens’ fingerprint, eye scan and photos were collected for the smart IDs, presenting a more secure identification means.

The government is open to learning from neighbouring countries, those already using digital ID cards and tech firms, the Minister said.

The project will be rolled out in other states and region after the launch in the two cities, he continued.

Out of 53 million people in Myanmar, 37 million of those hold paper registration cards, he said.