North Kalimantan Governor to speak at Innovation Labs World

By GovInsider

Governor Irianto Lambrie joins the Indonesia’s Star Provinces Panel, moderated by the UN.

The Governor of North Kalimantan will share his insights at Innovation Labs World in Singapore.

Irianto Lambrie will share his vision for North Kalimantan and priorities for the region. North Kalimantan is Indonesia’s youngest and one of its fastest growing provinces. As the region develops, the province is investing in infrastructure and developing key industries like mining and agriculture.

“North Kalimantan Province has quite abundant potentials that must be used for the greatest benefit of all people,” said President Joko Widodo at a strategic meeting on North Kalimantan last year.

At Innovation Labs World, Lambrie will speak at the Indonesia’s Star Provinces Panel, where he will be joined by governors from across Indonesia’s fastest growing regions. The panel will be moderated by the United Nations Pulse Lab Jakarta.

Join us on 25 September 2018 in Singapore. Registration is complimentary for the public sector: