OECD and GovInsider partner to promote CovTech solutions

By Medha Basu

The partnership will globally share and promote creative solutions to the pandemic, and help others to learn from examples.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has partnered with GovInsider to globally share and promote innovative responses to the coronavirus crisis from civil servants.

The OECD is an international organisation of 36 countries to promote evidence-based policies and shape standards for global growth. GovInsider joins the partnership with OECD's Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, and the Centre for Public Impact, a non-profit by the Boston Consulting Group, to gather solutions and ideas to tackle the economic, social and healthcare challenges countries face.

Few governments were prepared for the months-long disruption the pandemic has brought to lives, jobs and families. But over the past four months, civil servants across Asia have consistently come up with creative solutions to the challenges their communities face.

It’s also become clear that now more than ever before civil servants across the world must learn from each other. Governments are making their services open sourced so that others can quickly adapt the tools. They are openly working with civic hackers, non-profits and businesses to pool resources and learn from others.

GovInsider, along with OECD and CPI, issue a call to all levels of government, civil society, international organisations and business to share their innovative ideas and tools. Are you adapting existing services, like creating virtual classrooms or delivering mental health support? Has your team combatted disinformation during the crisis? Or have you come across new tools for patient care or first responders?

Submit your projects here. There may be civil servants in your own country or elsewhere who can learn from this experience, however big or small. You can also browse more than 170 case studies that have been submitted so far.

You need not be the person in charge of the project to respond - it can be something you came across and think would be useful for others to learn from. It could be a tried or proven project. The responses, except for email addresses, will be immediately available for public view as a live repository.

If you have any questions on this or need help submitting a project, please feel free to get in touch with me at medha@govinsider.asia.