Over 40 Zika transmissions confirmed in Singapore

More cases expected to emerge, health ministry says.

Singapore is battling Zika after 41 locally transmitted cases were confirmed by the Ministry of Health on Sunday. “They are not known to have travelled to Zika-affected areas recently, and are thus likely to have been infected in Singapore,” it added. The government expects more cases to emerge and is not ruling out further transmissions in Singapore. Infected patients show mild or no symptoms, making the virus hard to detect. The Ministry is testing those living in areas where there is an increased risk of infection. The National Environment Agency has deployed 200 officers to inspect the Aljunied Crescent and Sims Drive area, and are spraying insecticide and cleaning out drains. 19 breeding areas were detected and destroyed in the area on Saturday. The doctors who raised the first alert began noticing symptoms in the second week of August, but were unable to identify the virus. The first case of local transmission was confirmed on Saturday, 27 August, following blood and urine tests. Other Asian countries with reported cases include Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Hong Kong reported its first case last week. Now read: Is Asia prepared for the next epidemic? Image by Jnzl's Public Domain Photos, licensed under public domain