Rachel Lim, Executive Manager, Product Management Division, GovTech, Singapore

By Medha Basu

Women in GovTech Special Report 2017.

How do you use technology to improve citizens' lives? Tell us about your role or organisation.

As a member of the Product Management division under GovTech’s Government Digital Services, I lead the strategic planning, product development and implementation of Whole-of-Government level digital services, one example being e-Payments.

What has been the most exciting thing that you worked on in 2017?

I have been fortunate to be a change catalyst in working with various agencies to push out next-generation payment solutions, i.e. a unified Point-of-Sale system and PayNow, as we progress towards being a Smart Nation. It was very rewarding working with the other agencies and different domains to streamline their payment processes and being a part of their respective digitalisation journeys.

I’ve learned much from working with industry leaders and disruptors whilst working on these e-Payment projects.

What technology particularly interests you for 2018?

I would think cross-border payment using Blockchain technology will be very interesting.

Who inspired you in 2017, and why?

Jack Ma. His is a true rags-to-riches story. He grew up poor, failed his college entrance exams twice, and was rejected from dozens of jobs, including one at Kentucky Fried Chicken, before founding and finding success with Alibaba.
His super perseverance and self-belief really inspired me to never every give up in anything that I do.