Reducing patients’ pain with innovation

By Serynn Guay

KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital has created a tool to reduce discomfort during X-rays.

Untreated, or undertreated pain, is one of the most unnecessary issues plaguing patients when undergoing treatments in hospitals. Often, the treatment itself is prioritised over the patients’ comfort, but that is not necessarily the case at KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital.

The hospital created a tool for flexi-support – a support mechanism to reduce movements of motor accident victims and lower the risk of worsening bone injuries during an X-ray examination.

KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital was the Gold Winner for the Clinical Service category during the Asian Hospital Management Awards in 2018. This award category recognises patient-centered care initiatives in clinical practice specialisations such as nursing, laboratory and radiology departments with little or no capital outlay.

The Asian Hospital Management Awards, now in its 18th year, is a prestigious ceremony which recognises and honours hospitals in the Asia Pacific for best practices to improve healthcare.

You may submit TWO free entries on or before the early bird deadline of 30 April 2019. The final deadline for submission for this year’s edition is 31 May 2019. Winners will be announced during the Gala Night at Hospital Management Asia 2019 on 12 September.

Download the awards brochure.