Report: 80% of Council website traffic goes to only a handful of pages

Councils can be more efficient by prioritising the most popular services.

80% of traffic to councils’ websites comes from only 286 of the thousands of pages typical council websites have, a report shows. The statistic shows that residents visit council websites to perform specific tasks, and not for casual browsing, the study by OpenCities shows. Councils can make more efficient use of the resources they spend on websites by focusing on these particular tasks. There are 10 tasks that have been identified to be popular across councils. The top five of these are jobs, contact, library, rubbish and places. Majority of visitors will come to council websites to perform a task related to one of these areas. And councils can cut costs of customer service by making it easier for users to complete these tasks. opencities infographic The research also shows that the popularity of tasks differs across metro and non-metro councils. For instance, regional councils should prioritise events and activities, while metro councils focus on places and facilities. If you would like to learn more from OpenCities and its research, please fill in the form below and get a copy of the report. [download_form list_id="695fb088fd"]