Sandiaga calls for unity, support for all religions

Exclusive interview with Jakarta's new administration.

Sandiaga Uno, the new Deputy Governor-elect of Jakarta’s, has said that his top priority is to bring different religions and political factions together, he has told GovInsider. “The most important thing is to unify the city,” Sandiaga Uno said during an interview. “It’s been a very divisive and—towards the end—nasty campaign in the past few months.” He also said that there are “misperceptions that we are going to be close to making the city very hardline Islam”. “I’m a very modern and moderate Muslim, and Anies is the same. We intend to uphold the constitution, whereby we’re going to be the leaders for everybody. We are not going to treat any particular religion or races as our preference, but we’re going to focus on building this unity together.” Sandiaga also praised outgoing Governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ for creating positive perceptions of the city government, and making the civil service more efficient. Now read our full interview with Deputy Governor-elect Sandiaga Uno.