Exclusive: Sandi pledges to support ride-sharing apps, driverless cars

Strict regulation will not happen under new Jakarta administration.

The new administration of Jakarta, Indonesia will not regulate to penalise ride-sharing apps, Deputy Governor-elect Sandiaga Uno has told GovInsider. Asked during an interview whether he would follow the examples of other cities and regulate against apps such as Uber, he said, “You cannot.” “I was the first rider of Uber. GO-JEK faced the same issues but hey, the people wanted the change,” Sandiaga added. “If we keep on burying our heads in the sand, we're not going to be able to provide better living for average people of Jakarta.” There should also be driverless cars on the streets of Indonesia’s capital, he believes. “You will see within five years, driverless cars.” “If you stop innovating, if you're resisting changes, if you're resisting technology improvement, then you'll, not going to be able to stay competitive.“ Now read our full interview with Deputy Governor-elect Sandiaga Uno. Image by VasenkaPhotographyCC BY 2.0