Unlocking data’s hidden secrets with text analytics


Automated text analysis provides agencies with a powerful tool to fully understand their data in whatever form it takes.

Image: Juhan SoninCC BY 2.0

Government agencies at nearly all levels face the same challenge that commercial organisations have been confronting for years: how to capture, manage and use big data.

There are myriad opportunities to be presented by doing this. For instance, government agencies can unlock insights hidden in digital documents by using text analysis.

This technology can analyse both structured and freeform text data to address various challenges, such as in healthcare, according to this whitepaper from business analytics provider SAS.

Text analysis solutions can help agencies to:
  • Identify misclassified data by identifying potentially misclassified targets
  • Enhance or enable predictive models with text data
  • Detect topics, trends and patterns in freeform text
  • Categorise and perform entity and fact extraction on large volumes of data
  • Entity extraction includes people, places and things; fact extraction captures the context in which they occur, such as organisations connected to currency amounts
To learn more from SAS about how text analysis can ease your agency’s work processes, download the whitepaper by filling out the form below.