Seven steps to build a digital security strategy

This guide shows how agencies can act today to improve security.

Digital security can be a massive undertaking, but there are ways government agencies can act today to improve security. A guide by Microsoft discusses seven steps that can be a starting point for your entire agency. Everyone in an organisation plays a part in keeping it secure, and so this report shares advice that is useful for officials at every level of an agency.
  • How to identify critical data
  • Why multi-factor and strong identification is crucial
  • How to simulate real world attacks
  • How to patch systems and automate processes
  • How to prevent citizen data leaks
  • Why there must be good hygiene at all levels
  • How to encrypt data at all times
The guide draws examples from the US Government to share lessons from cutting-edge approaches required for government data protection. If you would like to hear more from Microsoft, download their cyber security guide for government by filling in the form below. For more information, please read Microsoft's online Privacy Statement.