Singapore expands underground water monitoring

By GovInsider

Looking for new ways to meet growing demand.

Singapore is installing sensors in wells to search for water underground.

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency plans to dig 30 to 40 monitoring wells and sensors in all existing wells in the east of the country and Jurong Island, an industrial island in the west.

Sensors placed in these wells would be able to provide data on water level fluctuations. The country now imports millions of litres of water from Malaysia.

This agreement expires in 2061, by which Singapore’s demand would have doubled. PUB is developing new ways to meet this need without overseas reliance.

“Through these efforts, we hope to gain a better understanding of Singapore’s geology and the presence of groundwater within the earth layers”, said Harry Seah, PUB’s Chief Engineering and Technology Officer.

There are 18 existing monitoring wells in the west of Singapore. PUB will be calling two tenders over the next few months for the installation of wells and sensors.