Singapore launches car sharing scheme

First 50 car stations to be setup by middle of next year.

Singapore will launch a car-sharing programme by mid-2017, the Ministry of Transport has announced. People will be able to pick up a car at a starting point and return it at their destination at designated stations. This will provide people an alternative way of commuting from point to point, especially where public transport may not be accessible, said Land Transport Authority chief executive Chew Men Leong. “It will play an important role in our efforts to create a car-lite society, as car-sharing enables more people to have occasional access to the use of a car, without having to own one.” Electric cars will be used in the sharing scheme. “We see some potential in more widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Singapore”, said Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan. LTA and Economic Development Board today signed an agreement with BlueSG, with a total of 1,000 electric cars to be deployed by 2020. There will be 500 car stations, with 80% located in housing areas. The first 125 cars, 250 charging points and 50 car stations will be introduced in Ang Mo Kio, Jurong East and Punggol by the middle of next year. 2,000 parking lots will be set aside in public housing neighbourhoods, central business district and key industrial states They are “not truly emission-free”, the minister said. But emission is produced only at the electric power station, and they are quieter than normal vehicles. “This makes for a better living environment, particularly in a dense city like ours,” he added. Blue SG will operate the programme for 10 years and install 2,000 charging points for electric cars. After this, the government will take control over these points and make them available for public use.