Singapore lets visitors pay customs tax online

By GovInsider

Also lets citizens anonymously tip officials on cigarette peddling.

Singapore Customs has built a website that lets travelers pay tax on their overseas shopping in advance.

The country allows people to bring in a certain amount of duty-free goods from overseas. Travelers have to declare any items exceeding this limit.

The Customs@SG website lets them declare the type, value, and quantity of goods they would like to bring into the country. They must also specify when they are arriving and at which border point.

Travelers can then pay the tax online using their credit card. They will get an e-receipt which can be shown to Singapore customs officers on arrival if required. Before this, travelers had to declare and pay this tax on arrival in Singapore. Customs@SG app The website is paired with an app with additional features.

It lets people leave anonymous tip-offs on suspected illegal cigarette peddling. Singapore does not allow any duty-free concession on tobacco products.

The website can be accessed here. The app is available in the Apple and Android stores.