Singapore LTA building journey planner app

Will show taxis, buses, trains, walking routes and cycle paths.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore plans to build a journey planner app that will show all forms of transport, including taxis, cycle paths and public transport options. The agency put out a call for collaboration with industry players to discuss the plans further. The app would calculate “the best overall journeys between origin and destination for the commuter to choose their preferred options,” the document said, with taxis, buses, trains, cycling, walking and combination of modes listed as possible options. The app would also incorporate real-time information along with planned timetable, and provide notification of train delays and disruptions. Singapore’s LTA would provide access to the data and publicise the app, while industry players would create the app and develop features that encourage walking and cycling. Submissions are required by the end of November, and shortlisted players will present to the LTA in January. Image credit (Creative Commons):