Singapore, Malaysia drop in corruption perception rankings

By GovInsider

Transparency International releases latest rankings.

New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia are perceived to be the least corrupt governments in Asia Pacific, according to rankings released by Transparency International today.

The Corruptions Perceptions Index 2015 ranks New Zealand fourth, Singapore eighth and Australia 13th out of 168 countries. Australia and Singapore’s scores dropped by one point from last year. They are followed by Hong Kong and Japan both in 18th place globally. Malaysia came in 54th in the world, down by two points from 2014.

Bhutan, Taiwan, and South Korea were 27th, 30th, and 37th, while India, Indonesia, and the Philippines ranked 76th, 88th, and 95th with the same scores as last year.

Among the countries perceived to be most corrupt in the region are Nepal, Bangladesh, Laos, and Myanmar ranking between 130 and 147 in the list.