Singapore MSO’s complaints app will expand to web

Municipal Services Office announces new portal.

Singapore’s Municipal Services Office (MSO) will launch a web version of its complaints app later this, it announced yesterday. This will give citizens a new channel to report complaints, as they can now with the OneService app. People can send reports without having to find out which agency is responsible for addressing the issue. The app has registered 55,000 users since its launch in January last year. It collected 5% of all municipal feedback to the government. The new OneService portal will have additional features, giving citizens updates specific to their neighbourhood. Users will see police alerts, dengue clusters, traffic camera images, traffic incidents, water level sensors, market closure schedules and weather forecasts in their area. “This will be a one-stop platform that aggregates relevant information from our partner agencies that affects your neighbourhood,” said Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu, who heads the MSO. The app will also launch a new feature to locate abandoned shopping trolleys The MSO coordinates with agencies to ensure citizens get responses in a timely manner. It is appointing agencies as “first responders” to take charge in addressing to specific municipal issues. From June, the Land Transport Authority will be responsible for maintenance of transport infrastructure. ”It means that if you see a damaged footpath or sheltered linkway, and are unsure of whom to contact, you can use the OneService App”, Fu said. MSO will also work with all 15 town councils to manage public housing estates, she added. The office will set out areas of responsibilities for common municipal issues to make sure complaints are promptly attended to. Image by Tiberiu Ana, licensed under CC BY 2.0