Singapore's school report card system down

Report card handouts pushed till July.

Singapore’s centralised report card system has faced a glitch, causing problems for teachers to record students’ test results. The School Cockpit System, deployed in 2001, is used by teachers across the country to plan lessons, track attendance, and record student assessments. Teachers are making alternative arrangements - tabulating the results manually and pushing back the dates to hand out report cards till July, after the school holiday ends, Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao reported. "Interim checks show there is malfunctioning of a back-end system component, and the team is working to resolve the issue and restore the system," a spokesperson told Straits Times. Schools will generate simplified versions of result slips for teachers to update parents on their child’s progress at the end of the school term, he said. Image by whyohgee singapore 2010, licensed under CC BY 2.0