What are the lessons learnt from China's smart cities?

By Huawei

Chinese SuperTech firm shows the way ahead.

Cities are the economic engines of their host countries, generating more than 80% of global GDP. But they also consume two-thirds of the world’s energy and produce over 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

This continued urban growth places a huge burden on resources and leaves cities struggling to tackle worsening challenges such as traffic, access to clean water, crime rates, and the growth of slums or informal settlements.

Research by Huawei and IDC has pulled together best practices for cities to use technology to tackle these challenges. They include:
  • Create a city-wide inclusive strategy
  • Take a platform approach to technology and realise there are regional variations
  • Multiagency focus from the onset
  • Data quality and validation is critical to leverage insights across multiple agencies
  • Seek out scalability and integration ease
Download the whitepaper below to get more insights into how cities are tackling their most pressing challenges.