Special Report: Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

By GovInsider

Mayors and CEOs of Australia’s largest cities share what they see for the future.

Australia’s cities have been ranked as among the most “liveable” in the world today, but its leaders are looking to build cities that will serve residents for decades to come. In this special report, the leaders of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide share their vision for the future of the cities, and the biggest challenges they must tackle.

There are three common themes that emerge from them. Tackling climate change is a key priority for all three. Adelaide wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become the first carbon neutral city by 2025. Sydney is experiencing increasingly extreme weather events, and is now running out of water.

Inclusivity is also a common theme, and each city has taken on a different aspect. Sydney wants to improve digital access and skills; Adelaide plans to use data to support the homeless; Melbourne plans to make the city more accessible for the disabled.

Finally, engaging with businesses and residents is important for them. Melbourne has gone high-tech, using realistic 3D models of the city to explain how new projects will affect residents. Sydney is collecting feedback from citizens on upcoming projects as part of their planning process, while Adelaide is working with businesses on its mission to become carbon-neutral.

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