Startup of the Month... Go-Jek, Indonesia

What advice do cutting-edge companies have for government?

Jakarta is renowned for its traffic congestion, but nippy motocycle riders can often get around much easier than their four-wheel counterparts. Mopeds – or ‘ojeks’, as they are locally known – provide a cheap way to get around the city, and are driven by some of the poorest residents. Typically, a journey will cost around $0.50. GoJek is a revolutionary Indonesian app that allows people to hail registered ojeks, not just for trips but also for delivery services that they can track using the app. It is disrupting multiple industries – from transport to food and logistics. The app is now being aped by other bike competitors, and GI caught up with the CEO, Nadiem Makarim as part of a new feature series to find out his advice for officials and interested readers. How do you recruit your best staff? There is only one way: Great people know other great people. Only allow the best of your team to hire people. That simple formula is the only one that has consistently worked in my experience What kind of challenges did you have to overcome to get where you are today? Every challenge imaginable: Billion dollar companies trying to eradicate us, driver demonstrations, traffic accidents, regulatory issues, you name it, its happened to us. How can services like your change logistics? It already has. It has proven that logistics can be exponentially scaled using only technology, without owning a single asset. This enables virtually unlimited supply How can cities support transport apps? Cities need to allow transport apps to proliferate to create as many options for commuters. The more supply, the better for the customers. How do you get your tasks done since you have a busy schedule? Do you any apps or systems? I stick mainly to whatsapp, calendar, and email. But my team heavily use a bunch of communication and project management tools. Where do you see GO-JEK in 10 years’ time? I have no idea what GO-JEK will be in 10 years time, but our aspirations are that everyone with a smartphone will have the GO-JEK app for all their lifestyle needs. Enjoyed this piece? Check out InnovationLabsWorld - GovInsider's festival of new ideas and approaches.