Surabaya Mayor launches permits app

Mobile service is Tri Rismaharini's "new vision".

Surabaya has launched an app for permits after Mayor Tri Rismaharini made mobile services a top priority. Citizens can apply for nine types of permits through the Surabaya Single Window app, including business licenses, company registrations, travel permits and birth certificates. Users can check the status of their applications on the app. Approved licenses - except for birth and death certificates - are sent straight to the app and can be printed from the user’s smartphone. Each permit has a QR code for authentication. Surabaya Single Window "People will be able to take care of licensing anytime, anywhere," Mayor Rismaharini said at the launch. Building permits are not included in the app, however, because they require large maps which would slow the app down. The Mayor has told GovInsider that her “new vision” for public service delivery is to “have mobile apps for all services”. “We need mobile apps to make services easier and faster”, she added.