Sylviana Murni, Deputy Governor, Jakarta

Women in GovTech Special Report 2015.

Tell us about your background. How did you get to where you are now? I’m a public servant who has worked in Jakarta City Local Government office since November 1985. My current position is the Deputy Governor for Culture and Tourism of Jakarta City Local Government. Why did you decide to join the public sector? I'm happy to have the chance to help others, especially when I can help by giving a perfect solution for all their troubles or problems, both personal and organisational. I have loved getting actively involved in organisations since middle school such as school committees (osis), youth organisation (karang taruna), university organisations, Jakarta Scouts and even international organisations such as Lions Club International and WeGo (World Electronical Government). What is the best thing you have experienced in your career? I was the first woman in the local government office to get appointed in important positions such as Chief Bureau of Social Management Department; Head of Department for Population and Civil Registration of Jakarta City; Mayor of Central Jakarta City; and Government Assistant. And I was the second woman in the local government office to be appointed as the Deputy Governor. These experiences has been very challenging yet interesting at the same time because I love my work and I work with heart. I also once became a legislative member of DPRD DKI Jakarta (Jakarta Council). That's why my Motto in life is: "Work Smart and Hard, with Heart, Morals and Religion". What is the toughest challenge that you have had to face and overcome in your career? To become the first woman as Mayor in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Because the Mayor has huge responsibilities, and it is a prestigious position that both men and women want to achieve. And being the first woman appointed as Mayor of Jakarta gave me a chance to prove that with multitasking, I can do my role as professionally as men in managing Central Jakarta City. That was proven by winning the Adipura Trophy as the cleanest city in Jakarta and being awarded by MURI (Indonesian Museum of Records) as ‘the first woman as Mayor in the history of Jakarta Capital City’ and ‘the first woman as Professor as Mayor’ nationally. What is the most inspiring example that you have seen in your working life? My father. Being from the army, he is very disciplined and prioritised education for his children and gave us the freedom to express our opinions. And my husband, who just like my father, has always supported me, especially in my professional career and also in reaching education levels as high as possible until I succeeded in earning my Professor title. I want to become a woman who can be a multitasking professional, a public servant, a mother, my husband's partner, my kids’ best friend, a fun grandma for my grandchildren and a solution maker for my family and relatives, morally and materially. What advice do you have for other women looking to succeed in public service? Be a public servant who works with heart and passion; do good things actively and proactively; and be a professional who can multitask and is ready to become source of information for others. And finally, how do you like to unwind after a long week at the office? Watching movies (especially the James Bond series, stories of Hercule Poirot, science fiction like Tomorrowland, psychologic stories like Inside Out, romantic ones like Pretty Woman etc), swimming, browsing the internet and social media, singing, having intimate conversations with my husband, children and children-in-law, grandchildren, relatives, and my close friends and bestfriends. I waste no time in my life.