How to tackle wicked problems with spatial analysis

By Esri

Officials must understand the ‘where’ and ‘how’ to answer complex questions.

For every challenge governments face today, location can answer difficult questions. Whether it is climate change or ageing population, officials must understand where and how it is happening.

Geospatial company Esri has worked with cities across the globe, using location to tackle wicked problems - complex issues that cut across multiple aspects of government’s work.

Spatial analysis is helping officials predict crimes, finding patterns in events that may seem unrelated at first glance, an e-book by Esri shows. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, it is helping transport officials understand how effectively commuters are being served. And in Texas, it is helping the government understand the extent and impact of droughts.

In all these cases, officials are analysing maps and geospatial data to understand trends and make decisions.

To start learning about how your agency can tackle complex challenges, download Esri’s e-book below.