Thai city pilots smart healthcare for elderly

Tracking movement with smart devices and sensors.

Saensuk city in Thailand is trialling a smart healthcare project to monitor the health of its elderly and allow nurses to respond quicker to emergencies. The pilot will monitor elderly patients through smart devices and sensors installed in residence and nursing homes. This data will help the government better plan healthcare resources. The elderly will wear a smart device that can monitor their movements and sleeping patterns, alerting healthcare providers when unusual activity is detected like an abrupt fall, or if a panic button is pressed. Previously, when local nurses conducted house visits for elderly patients, they could not provide accurate treatment because they were unsure of the cause of the emergency. Data and analysis can allow nurses to provide appropriate medical solutions and help them overcome limited manpower. Health data from the smart devices and sensors installed in homes will be pooled, analysed and sent to the municipal nursing headquarters in real time. The pilot project is the first phase of Saensuk’s three-year Smart City Initiative to provide smart facilities for residents and tourists. It started in January this year, targeting over 140 households with the elderly. Upon completion of its pilot, insights and solutions gained can be used to streamline public safety and infrastructure maintenance.