The making of a Digital Crime Fighting Unit

How Microsoft’s specialist unit helps governments disrupt cybercriminal gangs.

In 2013, an army of five million computers in homes and offices began recording keystrokes, passwords, government IDs and spying on financial data. These malware-infected “zombie” computers across 90 countries were all being controlled by one cybercrime gang in eastern Europe. This notorious network was brought down in June that year, a coalition led by Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit along with the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation. A report by Microsoft shares how the Digital Crimes Unit uses advanced data analytics and machine learning and works with governments to fight global cybercrime gangs. The team is made of data scientists, forensics specialists, former law enforcement officers and legal experts, who tools to fight cyber criminals across the world. In Asia, the unit is working with governments to fight malware crimes, protect children from sexual abuse and share threat intelligence. If you would like to hear more from Microsoft, download the full report below.