The secret to total cyber security

By Amit Roy Choudhury

Interview with Chris Schueler, Trustwave’s Senior Vice President of Managed Security Services.

Increasingly, organisations are operating in multi-cloud environments. This means their data as well as applications are now distributed on multiple private, private, and on-premise clouds.

In other words, a typical organisational network has become more dispersed and complicated. This has provided greater flexibility, but gives a greater target for cyber hackers and infiltrators.

Good cyber-defence requires total visibility of the network to understand what could be a potential vulnerability. In cybersecurity, a network is only as strong as its weakest point. Chris Schueler, Trustwave’s Senior Vice President of Managed Security Services, shares more in an exclusive interview with GovInsider.

Cloud security

Talking to GovInsider, Schueler notes that thanks to computing and big data analytics, businesses now have at their disposal troves of data that allow for better business decisions. However, a lot more work needs to be done on the information security front in order to take advantage of big data analytics to fight cyber criminals.

“Cybersecurity professionals work with numerous security partners and use a host of different tools to secure dispersed data found in multi-cloud environments. But what’s missing is alignment in the security tech stack, making it increasingly difficult for cybersecurity professional to have the complete visibility needed to thwart sophisticated cyber threats,” says Schueler.

The new Fusion platform from Trustwave solves this problem. The platform provides cybersecurity professionals “deep visibility” of their networks by connecting the digital footprint of their business to a security cloud made up of Trustwave’s data lake, advanced analytics, and actionable threat intelligence.

It also connects to Trustwave SpiderLabs, the company’s elite team of threat hunters, ethical hackers, forensic investigators, researchers, and other security specialists.


Fusion is a cloud-native platform that gives enterprises “unprecedented visibility and control over how security resources are provisioned, monitored and managed across any environment,” he says.

The platform offers a single view of threats, technology management, vulnerabilities and perceived risks across an organisation’s entire network. A dashboard serves as a centre point to track security events, respond to alerts and manage a range of services including threat detection and response, penetration testing, vulnerability testing and scanning, security technology management, and more.

“The platform helps to protect assets in any environment or mix of environments including on-premise, public clouds, private clouds, and new security-focused clouds hosted by technology vendors. Whether data is at rest or in motion, the ability to monitor, detect incidences and apply appropriate actions where needed is a major differentiator,” says Schueler.

Deep visibility

One of the big plus points of the platform is that it gives internal security teams deep visibility for “protecting assets and eradicating threats as they arise”. The platform also consolidates people, processes and technology into an intuitive app so that cyber teams can do security on-the-go.

This, adds Schueler, improves incident accuracy, response time and actions, thanks to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) layers like advanced analytics, machine learning and automation.

The platform also alleviates a major pain point for organisations. They are always struggling to do meaningful reporting based on their security data. Whether it is related to threats they are experiencing, vulnerable assets, high-privileged users, or time to respond, most struggle into making all of that information available in one location, Scheuler notes. Fusion addresses these issues.

Customise widgets

Summing up, Schueler observes that the Fusion platform combines market leading technologies, powerful managed security services and the expertise of top cybersecurity professionals onto a single pane easily accessed and controlled through a browser or mobile app.

“Having the capability to run database scans and vulnerability tests as needed, bolster security resources in a hybrid operation or order an elite threat hunting force into action by simply pointing and clicking is truly a game changer.”

The cloud-based cybersecurity platform serves as the foundation for Trustwave’s managed security services, products and other cybersecurity offerings. “It is purpose built to meet the enterprise where they are today in their operations and in the future as they embrace digital transformation and contend with a continuously evolving security landscape,” Schueler notes.

As companies move to a cloud environment, cybersecurity needs to become cloud-enabled. Trustwave’s new product provides a good platform for the company’s managed security services.

Amit Roy Choudhury, a media consultant and journalist, writes about technology for GovInsider.

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