The six essential steps for successful data analytics

Reliable data is the cornerstone of impactful policies and services.

The success or failure of a new policy or service can hinge on the quality of the data that governments use. A new report by Informatica discusses six criteria that are essential for successful and intelligent data management. These include:
  1. Create flexibility tools to meet diverse data needs
  2. Build reusable systems to save time on future projects
  3. Align tech and business objectives
  4. Insulate data management tools from rapid tech changes
  5. Automate data management by sharing metadata
  6. Develop practices to store and use data appropriately
The report guides officials through the entire process of getting their agency ready to use analytics. It lays out the steps required to build a solid data management foundation, develop crucial capabilities and build the architecture - along with common use cases. Download the full report to hear more from Informatica.