Training: How to anticipate citizens’ needs with data

Learn to make sense of data at this session on 9 March.

With Singapore’s public sector moving towards predictive services, it will be crucial for all officials to have a basic grasp of data analytics. Tableau, a global leader in visual analytics, will host a session for government officials to learn more about data analytics skills. The event on March 9 will feature presentations and demonstrations on the latest self-service BI platforms to make everyday decisions with data. Officials will get training on platforms to ask the questions about their data, produce accurate reports and build intuitive data visualisations. There will also be case studies by Singapore Government agencies currently using these BI platforms to make data-driven decisions, improve operational performance and predict future needs. The event is open to all public sector officials, but has a limited number of seats. If you are interested to attend, please fill in your details here today to find out more. Image by Fabio Achilli - CC BY 2.0