UN Survey shows mixed results for 'world-leading' D5

Is the D5 the correct grouping of the best digital governments?

Two of the Digital 5 nations fell in the UN e-government rankings this year, showing mixed performance for a group that has called itself a group of "world-leading digital nations." Korea fell to third place, after coming in first in 2014. new-piktochart (1) Israel, meanwhile, dropped from 17th to the 20th place. The United Kingdom performed best out of the D5, coming in first in the UN rankings. New Zealand moved up one spot to take eight place, and Estonia moved from 15th to 13th place. Countries that performed better than the lowest-ranked D5 nation include Australia, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Norway and Belgium.