UAE Prime Minister's Office to keynote at GovInsider Summit

Huda Al Hashimi, Assistant Director General in the Prime Minister's Office, to share innovation plans.

The UAE Prime Minister's Office will give a keynote speech at Innovation Labs World this year in Singapore. Huda Al Hashimi, Assistant Director General, PMO and head of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, will share the country's plans to change the culture of government with innovation. The government has a Chief Innovation Officer in every federal agency, pushing for departments to deliver ambitious policies. They have their own budget, with 1% of all government spending centrally allocated to foster innovation. The Centre for Government Innovation runs innovation labs, which pull together thinkers from across industry, academia and government to brainstorm ideas for complex issues like climate change and diabetes. The labs have backing from the very top of the government. Once ideas are endorsed by the leadership, they are fast-tracked through the bureaucracy and pilots are launched. The Prime Minister's delivery unit - also under Al Hashimi - allocates budgets and oversees their progress. The government is also placing a strong emphasis on future skills for civil servants, such as strategic foresight and experimentation. Al Hashimi will speak on 26 September 2017 at Innovation Labs World at Suntec City Convention Centre in Singapore. The event is open for all government officials. With limited seats available, we encourage you to register early. Please fill in your details in the form below if you would like to register. [download_form list_id="c16ee6059c"] Read the full interview with Huda Al Hashimi: Exclusive: The inside story from the UAE