Using data to improve the impact of policy

Demonstrate the value of programmes to senior management and citizens.

If a photo tells a thousand words, an interactive data visualisation can say a lot more. A whitepaper by Tableau shows how visualising data can help governments manage and improve the impact of public money. The impact of government spending can be intangible and complex to measure. Visual analytics allow officials to share progress and outcomes of projects in a visual way that is easier to understand than rows of numbers. It means that senior management and colleagues from other departments can quickly understand the value of programmes, enabling faster and non-gut feel decision-making. Equally, visual analytics platforms are useful for communications and public relations officials to demonstrate the value of projects to ordinary citizens. Interactive dashboards combining different visualisations help agencies tell a story around their policies. This helps government reach a much wider section of the citizenry than through static policy documents. If you would like to learn more Tableau, download the whitepaper below.