How virtual courts can cut legal costs

By Microsoft

Whitepaper shows how judicial systems can have significant savings and mete out rulings faster.

Does a police officer need to take hours off work to give five minutes of testimony in court? And should an expert witness fly across a country to give a brief appearance on the stand?

With a virtual courtroom, securing this testimony would be easier, and more trials can proceed to conclusion, a whitepaper by Microsoft shows.

They can help governments save significant amounts of time and money. For instance, prisoner transportation alone can take up 10% of the UK’s Ministry of Justice budget.

Judicial systems in Asia are struggling with a huge backlog of cases and rampant corruption. Digital systems can improve courts’ transparency by tracking rulings and payments securely, while online dispute resolutions offer ways for judges to mediate cases remotely.

To learn more about how governments can build digital justice systems, download the full whitepaper below.

Image by James CridlandCC BY 2.0