What are the five key trends driving Asian innovations?

By GovInsider

GovInsider’s speech to Ministers from across the European Union.

There are five key trends driving innovations across governments in Asia: personalised services; Artificial Intelligence; data analytics; e-payments, and new forms of procurement.

These trends were analysed by GovInsider Editor, Joshua Chambers, at a speech to Ministers and senior officials from across the European Union this month. Speaking at the Ministerial eGovernment Summit in Tallinn, Chambers highlighted:

  • SmartStart New Zealand for its personalised services
  • HealthHub Singapore for its use of data to nudge behaviours
  • Pulse Lab Jakarta for their methods of gathering datasets simply
  • Nepal’s use of drones for mapping and GIS surveys
  • Hong Kong’s use of artificial intelligence to drive its operations
  • E-payments in China and Bangladesh
  • New forms of procurement in Israel and Singapore

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