What do public sector leaders in ASEAN read about?

By GovInsider

GovInsider’s survey shows which issues, technologies and countries government leaders in Asia are learning from.

A GovInsider survey of 34 senior policy makers and govtech leaders reveals their top priorities for the year ahead.

We share analysis of the data which shows what topics, technologies and countries civil servants in the region are reading about using to shape the future of government.

Topics of interest

Policymakers are most interested in how to build a digital government, and the policy changes needed to adapt according to emerging technologies.

Singapore recently unveiled a human-centric AI framework that is a living document that will evolve as more people read it. It outlines the ethical and governance challenges from using AI, while not limiting its growth.

Tech for tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Machine learning are top technologies governments are looking to build smart cities.

With an increasing focus on collecting more data to predict and measure policies, AI is now also being used to shape policies by collecting feedback from citizens. The Taiwan government is using machine learning to track water pressure and detect leaks. And it has developed an AI platform, vTaiwan, to analyse online discussions and show which topics are most contentious.

Role models

China, the United Kingdom, and Singapore rank high as role models governments are looking to.

Chinese spending on smart cities is expected to exceed US$39 billion by 2023, and it is home to more than half the smart cities in the world. From Beijing to Xi'an, the government is building cities using AI-directed traffic, smart parking and cashless payments to improve citizen services.