Where does your smart city stand?

A guide for city leaders to shape smart city goals and investments.

Smart city visions can be multi-faceted and complex to implement. Microsoft and IDC have developed a guide to determine at what stage cities stand, and what steps they can take to progress. They help city leaders identify goals and understand where investments need to be made through five stages. The whitepaper provides insights and examples from across the world of how cities overcame their challenges at each stage. For cities at an early stage, it recommends to launch smaller pilot projects to test new areas. It also recommends using social media and apps to engage citizens and get their ideas. More mature smart cities with central support can innovate further with insights from data, it shows. This can help make monitoring and management of services more predictable. If you would like to download the full report from Microsoft, please fill in the short form below. Image by reynermedia, licensed under CC BY 2.0