Why digital identity is the first line of cyber defence

Find out in this online training session how governments can use digital identity to protect data.

How do you find out if there’s something suspicious about that email that came from your boss? A new online training session will share practical tips for every government official to protect their organisation and the citizens’ data. A staggering 70% of all hacks start with a phishing attack which prey on human emotions. This is generally the weakest link, says Wee Yeh Tan from Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. In this session, Tan discusses key steps to protect against phishing attacks and good practices to keep device security in check. He also shares why identity management is the first line of defence to protecting government organisations. Government agencies should tailor access to information based on what it is that they are trying to protect, he advises. With an increase in mobile devices and use of cloud in the government workplace, it’s crucial to check access to information against the identity of the users trying to access it. Get access to this 12-minute training session by registering your details here. This episode is part of a training series designed for government officials in Asia to keep up with the latest issues and tools in cyber security.