Dr Fazilah Shaik Allaudin, Senior Deputy Director, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

By Nurfilzah Rohaidi

Women in GovTech 2018 Special Report.

How do you use technology to improve citizens’ lives? Tell us about your role or organisation.

My responsibilities cover health policies, facility planning and eHealth. I have been leading digital health innovation strategies and implementation for the national health system. Prior to my current role, I was the Director of the Telehealth Division. In my current capacity, I am also responsible for ehealth collaborations and digital innovations both at the regional and global level.

What has been the most exciting thing that you worked on in 2018?

The development of a regulatory framework for online health services. Digital technology and innovations have caused disruption in healthcare. Many challenges are ahead of us, including policy and regulation, clinical evidence, medical ethics and new service models.

To develop regulatory strategies and policies to foster digital health technologies and spur innovations requires multiple stakeholder engagements, mindset change and foresight thinking. It is exciting but at the same time, a difficult task.

One piece of advice that you learned in 2018?

Invest in building relationships and trust with people. Throughout 2018, I have spent considerable time on stakeholder engagements, creating enabling ecosystems in Malaysia, and on strengthening regional networks.

What tool or technique particularly interests you for 2019?

AI, Blockchain, IOT. But more important than technology, will be the people’s interestd, welfare and needs. To bring these technologies into operation to serve citizens and patients, we need to collaborate, drive consensus where needed, build sustainable business and service delivery models and (re)design regulations so that they ‘enable’ and not ‘disable’.

What are your priorities in 2019?

My priorities at work will be ICT-enabled health facilities and strategies for integrated and coordinated care, as well as exploring opportunities in new service models with the use of digital technology and innovations. My life priorities are my family - to raise my kids in a well-balanced manner and to create a happy home environment.

What is one skill that has helped you the most throughout the course of your career?

Multi-tasking. This is the most valuable trait in my medical training. Today, I am able to juggle multiple portfolios at work and my responsibilities with family and community.

What advancements do you predict will happen in your field in next ten years?

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of our lives and in healthcare. It has the possibility to have huge and positive impact in healthcare. It will definitely revolutionise healthcare.

Coffee, yoga, music… what powers you through your day?

Definitely coffee – black! And being at work where my passion is.