The Australian Government spent a total of $5.6 billion on services and staff for technologies in 2014-2015, according to a new report released today. GovInsider looks at where where this money was spent.

The government’s expenditure on technology last year was 6.8% higher than the previous year’s $5.3 billion spend. The largest part of this – 37% – was spent on data processing software. The next biggest portion of the bill – 11% – was for “end user infrastructure” which includes software and hardware for employees.

The data also shows that more agencies now have larger ICT spending. 90% of Australian agencies spent more than $42 million on technology, compared to 85% last year. There are now fewer agencies (4% less) with “medium” ICT spending between $15 million and $42 million.

Data source: Australian Government ICT Trends Report 2014-15 and Australian Government ICT Trends Report 2013-14