“In the coming years, government leaders will have to balance their books and mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their bottom line,” says Rudy Abrahams, Vice President & Head of the Digital Transformation Office at SAP. Southeast Asia stands to lose 6.5 million jobs because of the pandemic, the Asian Development Bank projects.

In response to new government concerns, SAP will be launching a four-part TechTalk webinar series, beginning 11 August. The weekly webinars will discuss key government priorities for the coming future and suggest high-impact actions that the public sector can take to rebound from the impact of Covid-19 and do better than before.

As citizens lose their jobs and turn to governments for social support, the public sector faces declining revenues and higher expenditure. This “will cause government to quickly burn through reserves and increase debt,” Abrahams notes.

Governments will need to walk a fine balance between improving their balance sheets, while steering clear of reducing services or raising taxes. In response, the public sector will have to explore ways to make government operations more efficient and effective.

SAP experts will explore the kinds of interventions that governments should pursue as they tighten their belts: those that deliver real savings quickly and can be implemented rapidly. For instance, governments could use analytics platforms to identify and clamp down on imprudent spending by public officials or automate the screening of citizens’ applications for government relief programmes to quickly detect and prevent fraudulent claims.

In this digital age, governments also must be aware of tech’s vast potential to help them act faster and smarter. Mobilising data can make governments more efficient and visionary. “Without harnessing the strategic value of data, government leaders cannot manage the problems of today or tomorrow. They are stuck managing the problems of yesterday,” Abrahams comments.

In the webinar series, SAP will share how governments can gather and store information effectively, and then make use of intelligent platforms to rapidly convert data into insights that drive action.

To enhance productivity, governments should also tap on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation. SAP experts will explain how these systems can help governments efficiently process service requests and rapidly execute plans.

From walking through key government priorities amidst Covid-19 to flagging new technologies to transform the public sector, the TechTalks provide a comprehensive overview into how governments can weather this crisis and emerge stronger than ever before.

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When: Every Tuesday 3pm – 4pm (GMT+8) , 11 Aug – 1 Sep 2020

11 Aug: Building the path to an Intelligent Government & data-driven organisation
18 Aug: From Data-to-Insights-to-Action
25 Aug: Enabling innovation and use of intelligent technologies in public sector
1 Sep: Driving holistic spend compliance and visibility in public sector

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